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Contact Us about our new racing partnerships


Apogee Bloodstock LLC invite investments of $50,000 so we can buy yearlings at the Fall Sales, bring them on and sell them in the Spring Sales. In our first year of trading Apogee Bloodstock LLC raised $400,000 from 8 investors and purchased 4 yearlings for $233,000. We sold 3 horses in the  Spring Sales for a total of $335,000, giving each investor a return of a little over 15% on their initial investment. The return would have been greater but  our group  decided to keep one to race and put her into training. She showed enormous promise during training but then was boxed in in a Maiden Special Weight race at Saratoga on July 20th and never had a chance to show her speed. However, she still finished ahead of the $575,000 favourite, so the jury’s still out as far as she’s concerned, however she is continuing to train well and we are very much looking forward to her next race.


Apogee Bloodstock LLC want to develop their business, involve more investors, buy more horses and exceed the return on investment that was established in their first year. All 3 of the partners in Apogee Bloodstock are racing enthusiasts, fascinated by bloodstock, yet hard headed business people dedicated to achieving positive financial results for investors. By working with our team, you are putting yourself in the position to limit your risk and maximize your profit potential in what can be a highly lucrative endeavor. 


For more information please call Dr Christian Hays on 859-360-9191 or email  

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